Ladies Went Shopping in Regensburg

Summer sale is still going on in Germany and most parts of Europe. This is one of the best times of the year to shop especially for women’s apparel from clothing, shoes, accessories and more. Last month, I went shopping at the mall in Regensburg, Germany. It was indeed a perfect timing because summer sale just started.

Various flags of different nations were hanging because the FIFA Championship was going on that time. Congrats to Germany’s Football Team for winning the game.

The mall called Donau Einkaufszentrum, literally translated as Danube Shopping Center is almost an hour drive. There are a lot  of stores and establishments inside. I was with friends last time and we just decided to go their spontaneously. One decided drive there, so we ended up gallivanting and window shopping at the mall. (more…)


The Greatest Holiday for 2014 is about To Come

Wherever I go, there is only one place that is best for me. It is a place where I always feel at home. Indeed the best place is home! And yes, I will be home soon! One more week of sleep and I am ready to fly high again. Flight is confirmed and luggage is almost done packing! I am very excited to be home again, so soon!

The sunset from our terrace in Cebu, Philippines. One of the priceless things I miss at home!

This will be a 6 weeks holiday. I will not be only visiting my home country but also other countries in Asia. Confirmed on the list are Singapore and Malaysia. I will be island hopping in the Philippines as well.  (more…)


Flight is Confirmed

Hello April! Hello everyone! The  second quarter  of the year is finally here. Today is the third day of April and it is such a wonderful day.  One of my favorite seasons of the year  is inevitable and it is finally here. Yes, it is spring and it has sprung!

While boarding Philippine Airlines last 2010 and the view of Cebu Island in the photo.

I am thankful for the many blessings especially for the good health and the opportunity to be in this  planet, seeing and exploring its beautiful places.  I am also happy to share that I finally received my flight confirmation for the greatest travel to happen this year. (more…)


Ready to Travel Again

I am finally done packing my luggage. I am good to go. There are still so many things I wanted to finish at home but since I was busy with many things the past days especially garden works, I was not able to finish everything. I hope I can do it when I come back from my trip.

I am heading to Italy this time with a friend. She just called me this evening, saying that she is still not done packing her luggage because she is still at work. I know she can do it before we left in some hours for this trip.  (more…)


Researching for Sights to See in my Next Europe Travel

It seems that somebody is traveling again soon. This will be my first official  travel in 2014. I am not really an official but I am  just saying that this will be my first  long trip  for this year.  This was already booked  last year and it was  very cheap considering all the things that are included in this holiday.

With this coming travel, I am already researching the main sights to see or things to do  in these places that we will be visiting.

The Doumo or Florence Cathedral during my visit in autumn 2013. It is also known as the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.

We actually had a discount because we booked it earlier last November 2013. I received a travel flyer  saying that if we book it before November 11, we will have a discount of 200.00 Euros. This is really a great holiday package.  (more…)


Visited Ascona but not its Jazz Festival

Ascona is one of the places I visited in Switzerland in the past. It is a year now since my last visit. The weather that time was nice and sunny. I can still remember that day. Besides I have some photos I took during my visit there.

Taken during my visit last March 2013.

Ascona is located on the shore of Lake Maggiore. It is a municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

I wish, I witness the Ascona Jazz Festival but when I go there it was not held yet. This annual Jazz Festival last for 10 days from late June to early July on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore.  (more…)


Fasching, Carnival Photos from Germany

Fasching in Germany, known as carnival is a festivity that occurs before Lent season. It is not only celebrated in Germany but also in other parts of the globe. For example the famous carnival in Rio de Janiero or the Rio Carnival, is considered to be one of the biggest shows on earth. The the festival attracts millions of tourists, both Brazilians and foreigners who come from everywhere to participate and enjoy the great show.

ETP.fasching.SAM_3321.©RubyB. Fotos
Fasching or Carnival in Hemau last 2012.

In Germany, carnival week begins on the Thursday before Ash Wednesday with parades being held during the weekend and finishes on Ash Wednesday, with the main festivities occurring around Rosenmontag (Rose Monday). This time is also called the “Fifth Season.” Shrove Tuesday is celebrated in certain cities. (more…)


Musicians at the Tillyfest Festival in Breitenbrunn

There are many festivals you can experience in Germany.  Whatever time  and season it is  of  the year, festivities are all year round.   I miss this interesting festival known as Tillyfest. It is celebrated annually in Breitenbrunn every month of September. My last visit in Tillyfest was in 2010. I should be going there last year but it was a conflict with my other appointment.

Musicians playing drums and trumpets at the Tillyfest in Breitenbrunn. This  is a municipality in the district of Neumarkt in Bavaria, Germany.

This is so far the biggest festival in this town. It is visited by locals and tourists. Americans who live and work in the US Army  Training Area in Hohenfels are also visiting it.    Tillyfest is actually a historic festival in commemoration of Johann Tserclaes von Tilly during the Thirty Years’ War in 1618-1648. (more…)


Had Fun at the Carnival in Bavaria

It is carnival time! I wish I am  in Rio de Janiero now to witness its famous Rio Carnival.  It is quite a long way from Europe and this time it is  just not  possible.  I am hoping I can visit it one day.   This world’s famous carnaval  or carnival is held every year before Lent. It is visited by millions of people from all corners of the world. This year’s carnival in Rio de Janiero will take place from February 28 to March 4, 2014.

Europeblog.DSC05632.© www.europetravelpad
Fasching or Carnival in Hemau, a town in Bavaria.

Although I have not witness the  Rio  Carnival yet, I am happy that I already witnessed  such festivities in Europe like the Fasching in Germany. (more…)


Interesting Travel Infographic

This is  very interesting to know that the travel industry has provided millions of jobs to people  not only in the United States but in the whole world as well.  The tourism business is growing from year to year. Whether a traveler is going for business trips, leisure or recreation, it is good to know that he or she is contributing to the  economy of a country by means of providing jobs to people especially in the tourism industry.

As a traveler, I truly found the   facts and figures enumerated in the infographic below  very  interesting.  Traveling  has been my passion and I believed it made me a better person understanding many aspects of life thru the experiences I had from my travels. (more…)


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