Are you planning to visit the so-called home country of Santa Claus? Or probably, you don’t have any idea what country it is? Finns claim that the mythical mountain of Korvatunturi as the home of Santa Claus. That is the reason why a lot of tourists are visiting the region of Lapland due to its so-called Christmas with Santa Claus. I guess some of you are already thinking about Finland holidays after knowing the above information.

Where is Finland exactly located? It is a Nordic country located in northern Europe. It is bordered by Sweden in the west,Russia in the east and Norway in the north.Estonia lies to its south across the Gulf of Finland.

Here are some of the few things you can do and see in Finland;

City Break in Helsinki

This is the capital and largest city of Finland. A city break in Helsinki can be an unforgettable experience for every tourist and visitor. It is also accessible because there are always flights from major cities in Europe to this city. Whether you want to do sightseeing in its cityscape, experience its culture by visiting the famous National Museum of Finland, a walk or hike in its several parks, a relaxing outdoor along its many lakes, enjoy the nightlife in its various pubs, nightclubs and bars, you can have everything you want to experience in this city. Shopping is also a good experience but be reminded that it is quite expensive here.

The best time to visit Helsinki is during summer season in July.

The main building of the University of Helsinki

Explore its Lakes and Forests

Finland is a country with thousands of lakes and islands. Can you imagine a country like that? For sure, exploring its lake especially for nature lovers is a very refreshing experience. The fourth largest lake in Europe is found in Finland, the Saimaa.

Finland is considered to be the largest forested area in Europe. This is perfect for walking and hiking. Just be careful that you don’t get lost in its forest but sometimes there are trails to follow. The colourful Autumn season is also a worthwhile experience. Outdoor activities like swimming, fishing or canoeing are also great during high-summer season.


For those who love dance and music, visiting Finland’s music festivals during summer is another wonderful experience. This country hosts various notable music festivals like the Ruisrock in Turku, Tangomarkkinat in Seinäjoki,Nummirock in Nummijärvi and many more.

Castle Sightseeing

Do you love fairytale? Don’t miss to seeing Finland’s notable castles. You might want to witness an Opera Festival held at the Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna. It is known to be Finland’s most atmospheric castle. You might also want to visit the oldest castle in this country, the Hämeenlinna Castle in Hämeenlinna.

These are only a few things to do and see when visiting Finland. Don’t forget to search for special holiday packages, city breaks and special offers for your next trip to to this country.

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