How many millions of people are actually using Facebook at the moment? I read somewhere in the internet that Facebook users may reach 1 billion in 2011. Other shocking info that I also read, says that around 1.8 millions of facebook users may die this year. My other question is, how many travellers out there who are using Facebook apps like Halifax Matchmaker Facebook App? It is good to know the answer that this application is at its peak now, being downloaded by more than 9,000 facebook users.

If you look at the Facebook profile of Halifax Matchmaker Facebook App, you will surely know that it is a very interesting application especially for a traveller like you. The Halifax Travel Money for example who created Holiday Matchmaker Facebook App, offers services like travel money with 0% foreign exchange and travellers cheques, great exchange rates, 0% commission on buybacks and to give you more travel convenience, it is delivered right in front of your door. Where else you can find it but only in Halifax Matchmaker Facebook App. In fact, this is the first and so far the best travel app in Facebook that I encountered. I believed I will be loving it!

The best thing about this application is that, it will help you find your dream travel destination. The Holiday Matchmaker Facebook App uses ingenious analysis of your profile to match you up to your ideal destination. Not only that, it also gives you top travel tips on on places to eat, drink and visit. If you want to find out where Halifax Holiday Matchmaker brings you on your next travel destination, you better download their app to get updated all the time. Don’t forget to order your travel money at Halifax Travel Money. For sure, they will be happy to deliver it in front of your doorsteps.

Sponsored by Halifax.

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