I had been in Würzburg (written in English as Wuerzburg) for a lot of times already. I had seen the Würzburg Residence but did not had the chance to go inside of it. Hopefully in my next visit, I can already go inside this beautiful and historical palace.

Front of the Residenz and Cour d’honneur. taken during our visit last August 2011.

The Würzburg Residence with its Court Gardens and Residence Square was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981. According to the Advisory Body Evaluation, the inclusion in the List was a “measure… so clearly desirable that the proposal of the Federal Republic of Germany does not require lengthy justification… The Residence is at once the most homogeneous and the most extraordinary of the Baroque palaces… It represents a unique artistic realization by virtue of its ambitious program, the originality of creative spirit and the international character of its workshop.” more about this palace

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