Many of the best parts of a holiday cruise include relaxing by the pool, sleeping in late and indulging in rich and delicious meals. While there is certainly a place for each of those activities on any holiday, they can combine to add a few extra pounds to your waistline by the end of the trip. If you are planning an upcoming cruise and want more information on how to stay fit on your cruise holiday, read on for five helpful tips that anyone can use.

1. Take Advantage of the Pools: Most passengers on a cruise will spend at least some of their time lounging by the pool. Instead of just indulging in cocktails by the water, jump in and make a splash. Swimming a few laps in one of the many pools on the ship can be a great way to burn calories and enjoy a full body workout. Swimming is also easy on the joints and should be comfortable for nearly everyone.

2. Group Fitness Classes: If you are struggling to stay motivated to exercise on your own, consider joining one of the group fitness classes offered. Head to the gym to check out the scheduled classes and decide what sounds like fun. Spinning, pilates, yoga or even a boot camp class can be a fun way to make friends on the ship, get some motivation and work on your fitness at the same time.

3. Onshore Excursions: Not all your shore excursions need to be indulgent. Sign up for trips that include guided hikes through a Caribbean jungle, walking tours of a quaint European town or even kayaking in Alaska. Wherever your cruise happens to take you, there is bound to be some kind of physical onshore excursion available that will provide a great workout while allowing you to see new destinations.

4. Top Deck Recreation: The top deck of many cruise ships offers recreational activities for passengers. Run or walk a few laps around the outdoor track or play a game of tennis or basketball with your family. It can be a fun way to get some sun, enjoy being outside and burn calories while on-board.

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5. Take the Stairs: Most ships have elevators to bring passengers to various floors, decks and restaurants on-board. While the elevator might be the most convenient choice, stairs can provide a tough lower body workout instead. Stairs won’t require you to hit the gym, either. Just make the stairs your routine when getting around on-board in order to burn some extra calories during the cruise.

Along with these helpful tips for exercise, diet also plays a role in maintaining your weight. Try to limit your indulgences and focus on your favourite foods in buffets. It is definitely possible to keep fit even if enjoying a  last minute cruise!

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