This state is  known for its Grand casino where the world’s richest and often most famous people gamble. Monaco which is  officially known as the Principality of Monaco lies in between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second smallest independent state in the world after the Vatican. It is also the the world’s most densely populated independent country.

I cannot imagine that I  was able to  visit this place and  I was really there. That 6-day  trip we had in French Riviera and Italian Riviera was one of the most wonderful and memorable trip I had last 2011. We did see a lot  including Monte Carlo, a government district in Monaco. Don’t confuse yourselves because it is not the capital of this state.

Among the sights we visited in Monaco were Monaco-Ville, the Monaco Cathedral, The Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium (but i did not go inside. Maybe in my next visit), La Condamine, the Grand Casino (I also did not go inside there since I prefer to go walking around the area), the best known Formula 1 Grand Prix (seen from the castle), The Palace  and Monte Carlo.

I did shopped for some souvenirs from Monaco. I had some postcards with me, fridge magnets and a travel guide book from this  place.

The breathtaking view of Monaco during our trip last April 2011. I love this place!

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