Walking is an amazing way to keep fit and healthy, and also offers a unique way to explore any destination. Experience some of the most stunning beauty spots in the world on a walking holiday.

If you’re planning on holidaying alone, adventure holidays for singles can be a great choice for those who enjoy meeting new people and socialising. You’ll be joining like-minded people, with whom you already have interests in common, making it easy to get chatting and forge new friendships.

Many walking holidays for single peopleoffer group walks and treks, so you’ll be able to enjoy exploring your stunning surroundings with other holidaymakers; sharing the challenges, rewards and sense of achievement.

Mountains in Italy

Once you’ve decided that a walking holiday is for you, there’s the exciting matter of choosing a destination. Mountainous destinations such as the Pyrenees and the Dolomiti mountain range in Selva, Italy, are a good choice as they offer challenging terrain with spectacular vistas on every route.

You’ll also find that, whether you’re a beginner who likes a steady meander, or an advanced hiker, these walking destinations offer walking and hiking opportunities for all levels of ability. For example, Selva has dozens of well-marked trails, ranging from gentle wanders through alpine meadows, to more challenging hikes scaling the mountain peaks.

You’ll also find that the mountain lifts in Selva are open from the third week in June to the third week in September, making those high level walks (and spectacular views) accessible to all.

If you fancy a change mid-week, you can even switch two legs for two wheels and hire a mountain bike to explore the area in a slightly different way.

However you decide to explore your choice of holiday destination, you’re sure to find like-minded individuals to enjoy the scenery, fresh air and exercise with, if you wish. Alternatively, where better to enjoy the luxury of peace and quiet?

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