Canada is a country with vast number of oceans, streams, rivers, and beautiful lakes which spawn 10 provinces and 3 territories. These water bodies’ boasts of endless variety of fish species, and these are the main reasons the country has now emerged as a fishing paradise.

Regardless of your fishing prowess, whether you are a beginner or a true fishing expert, Canadian fishing provides something that accommodates people of all skill level. As a result, Canada is now a premier destination for world class fishing, and the country’s fresh and salty water provide different activities such as ice fishing, bass fishing, and fly fishing. However, before embarking on the fishing expedition, visitors need to understand that there are different regulations which differ in different regions across the country, and it is therefore advisable that consultations should be made with the Canadian Fishing Outfitters Associations and regulation before getting involved in any fishing activity.

Benefits of Fishing in Canada
It is possible to spend the entire day relaxing with the fishing activity in some of the serene lakes and later in the evening retiring to spend the night in some of the luxurious fishing lodges. These lodges can be booked in advance especially during the summer when most people tend to go for holidays.
Canadian fishing industry is also boosted by the fact that it is surrounded with some of the exclusive lodges in the world. This includes; Cabela’s white tail hunt, Thunder-hook camp, high Arctic lodge, and cedar point resort.

For instance, cedar point resort is located to the Northwest Ontario at Cedar Lake (6500 acres) and it comprises of more than 61 mile of shore line. This particular access to very many acres of water to fish provides visitors with an opportunity to successfully fish for different species of fish such as Muskie, northern pike, smallmouth bass, crappie, jumbo perch, and walleye among others.

If you haven’t yet thought about taking out a card to help you pay for your fishing trip over time you may want to start some credit card applications. If successful you may find that your trip becomes easier to pay for.

There are various online based agencies which provide accommodation related information during Canadian fishing trips. These agencies resource catalogues provided different links to tourist outfitters, remote boats in resorts, and drive in lodges. Other information which can be obtained includes; wilderness canoe trips and houseboat rentals.

To provide more convenience, there are specific websites for each angler, and in case visitors have some specific fish in mind that they would like to catch, then there are also links available which provide visitor’s access to species specific sites. A rich source of information when planning to fish in Canada is 

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