What is autumn season? I live in Germany for over nine years now. I have been to many cities and countries in Europe. I experience all the four seasons of the year, summer, autumn, winter and spring. Autumn is one of my favorite season because of its own beauty. I love seeing the changing of the color of the leaves of the trees from green to yellow, golden brown, dark brown, orange, red, pinkish and other colors that attract  our eyes. I simply love it!

Autumn has its own characteristics in which many people in Europe don’t really like. This season is grey because you don’t see sunshine everyday. It keeps on raining and the leaves of many trees are starting to fall down, thus making it bald. I still look at it as the wonder and beauty of autumn.

Here are some snapshots I took from Bavaria, Germany. I love this country!

colorful surroundings you can experience during autumn season. I love it!

i found these lovely tree near the Mc Donald in the nearby town.

Autumn 2012.

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