I can’t imagine how many people are searching for cheap flights at the moment. Who wants to pay for high airfares anyway? With the economic and financial crisis that millions of people are experiencing at this time, everyone are simply looking for cheap but quality goods or services. For example, some might be complaining of expensive airfare but I guess sometimes we are at fault.  In the first place, we don’t plan our travel ahead of time. Planning ahead of time will surely save us time and money and yes, stress as well.
I remember the time when I was planning for a vacation in the United States and I was looking for cheap flights from Europe to Las Vegas. I also planned to travel from states to states which means that I really need to find the cheapest flights I can when traveling to the different cities there. I was planning to go there in July 2012 but since I can no longer find an affordable airfare, I ended up flying there one month later. It was my fault when the flights went expensive because I did not booked it ahead of time. When I changed my travel dates, I truly found cheap flights. I saved  some hundreds of dollars  when I decided to travel  one month later.

Here are quick tips on how to find cheap flights:

1. Plan your trip ahead of time and you can surely find cheap flights. Sometimes last minutes are really very expensive.

2. Look for affordable airways. In Europe for example, there are a lot of discount airlines you can choose from. Ryanair, Eastern Airways, Easyjet, German Wings, Air Berlin are only among the affordable ones.

3. There are airlines that offer  really cheap last minute flights. You are lucky if you find one.

4. Watch for airline promotions and offers.

5. Join airline raffles or contests. You might be lucky to have free round trip tickets including accommodation and pocket money.

6. Read travel magazines. Sometimes there are promo codes you can use there to avail of airline discounts.

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