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How I wish I am a polyglot like the Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. Sad to say, I am not but I am happy to speak and understand some languages. For those who don’t know the meaning of polyglot, it refers to person who can speak and understand several languages with high proficiency. It also means a multilingual person and others also call  this person  a linguist.

If you know two languages, you are called a bilingual. If you know how to speak three languages, you are called a trilingual. I believed I belong to this group. Am I?

If I have to consider knowing languages and dialects, I can probably say I am a polyglot since there is no consensus on exactly how many languages a person has to speak to be a polyglot. I can speak and understand English, German, Filipino or Tagalog and two dialects in the Philippines,  Visayan and Ilongo.

It has been my dream to speak, understand and write many languages. I want to become a certified language translator but I need to attend first a language school to do it. I asked a friend before about going to school for languages and she told me that if I do it, I need to learn and study at least three languages being English as the major one. You can select the other two like German or Spanish, depending on your choice. Actually now, I am still thinking about it.

There are a lot of companies who are engage in language services. Different sectors such as financial, travel, legal, government, logistics, automotive and other international companies always hire a language translator to translate documents and facilitate easy communication in the company.

I guess it is still not too late for me  to study languages.  What do you think guys?

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