I had a conversation today with a friend. We talked about projects and financial matters. We were also talking about  Euro Currencyand how its conversion went so low now compared to US dollars and other currencies worldwide.  Its monetary power truly depreciate the past 4 years since the economic crisis that started last 2008 when Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy.  I guess  the financial and economic crisis in Greece also affect the  decrease of value of Euro currency.


A Fifty Euro Bill

The highlight of our conversation is our plan to travel to Egypt next year. We were talking about saving money for that trip and how we can save money when traveling. That was quite exciting because we both love shopping for souvenirs when we travel. Sometimes we have to consider the Currency Exchange Rates of a certain country. For example when we had a trip to the Baltic region recently, we need to know about currency conversion because  Lithuania and Latvia are not using Euro currency. We have to exchange Euros to their monetary unit so that we can buy something. We even used a Currency Converter online to determine if the stuffs we are buying are expensive or not. Thanks to online sites who offer conversion rate services.

Back to our plan to Egypt. She will still ask for a vacation leave. If ever she will be granted, she told me that she is coming for sure. Our  last topic was about saving money when traveling. She simply told me that we just need to avoid buying unnecessary stuffs. I also commented, well “we need to avoid excessive shopping”.  Another thing I told her, we need to avoid eating in an expensive restaurant especially if we don’t have a budget for that. We simply talk   a lot of things and I enjoy  it.

Lastly, I can say that we can save money when we plan our travel ahead of time. And yes, simply avoid unnecessary shopping especially if it is not in your budget. Agree with me folks?

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