A friend called me last weekend telling that they will be stationed to other country again. His husband is actually in the US Army and from time to time, they are station to different places. She said that the Army already gave them a list of different countries for them to choose from. This is one advantage if you are in the US Army or having a husband who is in the army. You can visit different countries for free when the Army assigned you there. You also receive housing benefits and COLA or Cost of Living Allowance and other benefits. These housing properties are owned by the US Army or private owners in the area. I am happy about the life of this very good friend of mine. How I wish I am married to an army? haha! Just kidding folks! I am living my life to the fullest at the moment and I am really thankful about it!

Anyway, back to the main topic! Inspite of not being married to an army, I can still travel and visit places. I am always grateful with all the previous trips I had and still counting for new ones. I remember when I was visiting some good friends in England last 2008. It is quite a long time now but the memories I had during that trip is still fresh in my mind.

Most of my friends are renting houses in UK. They hired companies who are offering letting services to find their new homes and apartments. The one I visited in Harrogate has some friends with her in the apartment. In that way, they can share the monthly rentals and other utilities like electric and water. That is quite a good idea and it is not really heavy for her pocket. She’s not married yet and I believed her decision of sharing her apartment with her friends was a wise one.

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The Parliament Building in London with the Big Ben.. I miss this city. I was there last 2008.
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I also visited a friend in London. As far as I can remember, the apartment where they are living  are owned by them.  They are currently paying for the monthly mortgage. Since the two of them are working and they are quite earning good money, buying an apartment is a wise decision.

I am also happy for a friend who bought his own house near Birmingham. He is always proud that at least, he has a home that he can call his own now. He is working as a nurse  and I am also glad about his achievement of owning that property. He don’t have a  landlord  to take care  of  because he owns  the place.

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Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England during my visit last Autumn 2008.
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I still have a lot of friends living in the different parts of United Kingdom. Some former classmates and schoolmates are in Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Some are inviting me to visit them. When time and financial matters are possible next time, I will surely come to their place. Thanks for all your invitations!

My three weeks holiday in England was all worth-it. First and foremost, I visited some friends and had fun with them. Second, I visited a lot of historical sites  in the different towns and cities there. London. Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, York, Harrogate, Warwickshire, Windsor Castle, Stratford-Upon-Avon are only some of the places I went to. Lastly, I brought home with me a lot of priceless memories and travel experiences. All I can say, that trip was simply awesome!

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