I was browsing  my photo albums during  my trip to England four years ago.  It was so far an awesome trip for me despite the limited time during my visit. My friend Rose from Harrogate, where I also stayed for some days, toured me to some  places nearby  including Leeds. We took a bus from Harrogate to  Leeds and there begun the sightseeing tour. My friend tried  her best to show me around and she really did a great job.

One of the interesting  sights  I visited  there was Leeds   Kirkgate  Market.  I was amazed when we went inside considering the many  goods and products sold in this market.  There are hundreds of shops there  for your sure the traders will  surely help you with anything you need.

This traditional British market is largest in Europe. It is housed in an opulent late Victorian palace to commerce, it has both indoor and outdoor stalls. Marks and Spencer had their first establishment here, originally called, ‘Marks Penny Bazaar’.

Leeds Kirkgate Market-  © www.europetravelpad.com

Leeds Kirkgate Market taken last November 2008. I was there!
© www.europetravelpad.com

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