Trudging home through the roadside slush, fingertips freezing and noses streaming, it feels like many years since we last had a good hot summer, and to be honest it probably was. It would be great to be able to jump on a plane and land somewhere hot right now, and that is probably not the first time you have heard that recently. But the real question is, why not?

There is a plethora of late holiday deals out there, suitable for all budgets and all ages. For those with families there are half terms on the way and for those that are footloose and fancy free, then there is nothing stopping you. Booking holidays are incredibly simple. Once your boss has agreed your time off it’s simply a case of clicking online, choosing somewhere suitable and then packing your bags – remembering your passport of course. Depending on what you want to do while you are away you should be able to pick up cheap package holidays at a pretty decent price if you are able to go on a last minute booking.


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These are the holidays that the travel agents are desperate to shift, otherwise they lose money if the hotel beds and flight seats are unsold, so that is your chance to grab a real deal. These late booking holidays are hugely varied in tastes and styles. Whether you want a fun and funky 18-30s holiday, or a relaxed and laid back adults-only getaway, you should find something to perk you up. There is also a wealth of destinations available so whether you are seeking some winter sun to scare the blues away or an early summer adventure holiday, you will be spoilt for choice.

The best thing is to get online to see what there is and how easy it is to book. It brings a whole new meaning to click and go.

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