Today is called the  Rosenmontag in Germany’s Fasching season.  This is the highlight of the German Karneval,  known in English as carnival.  It is  similar to the  Halloween celebration of the Americans  considering the costumes  worn by those who participate this celebration. Rosenmontag is celebrated in German-speaking countries, including Germany, East Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.

Rosenmontag is considered to be the “fifth season of the year”. Clubs organize “sessions” which are show events called Sitzung with club members or invited guests performing dance, comedy and songs in costumes. We have been watching the  various “Sitzung” in the different programs in German television since the past two weeks. Among  the few ones that we watched were from Mainz, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf and in  Franken  part of Bavaria, Germany. You will surely have a lot of fun if you watch this  Fasching program. You need  to understand  German  for you to relate on it. I am glad that I can already speak and understand basic Deutsch (German).

The famous Chinese Fasching in Dietfurt, Bavaria, Germany. ©

The famous Chinese Fasching in Dietfurt, Bavaria, Germany.

During  the  Fasching or carnival season,  most school are closed especially on Rosenmontag and Thursday before  Rosenmontag. I guess this is due to the many events and  celebrations going on during these days. Carnival is not really a national holiday in Germany.

During the celebration  especially on Faschingszug (carnival parade),  you can find people particularly the participants wearing fancy costumes, dancing, singing,  drum and bugle groups,  floats with colorful decorations, can be experienced during this event.

I have been to many carnival parade in Bavaria, Germany. One of the places where we experience it was in Dietfurt, a  town in the district of Neumarkt, Bavaria. I wish I can visit some of the famous carnivals in Europe like in Venice (Italy), Cologne, Mainz and Dusseldorf.

cool fancy costumes at  the Fasching in Dietfurt, Bavaria. ©

cool fancy costumes at the Fasching in Dietfurt, Bavaria.

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  1. by Miss Footloose | Life in the Expat Lane, on February 11 2013 @ 3:14 pm


    Loads of fun, I can tell! It is carnival in my native Holland as well, but it is mostly celebrated in the Catholic south of the country. Sadly, I grew up in the sober Calvinist part and used to feel deprived not being part of that celebration. Can’t even go there now because I’ve been an expat for years and am an ocean away.

  2. by inka, on February 15 2013 @ 5:21 am


    Anybody who says we Germans have n osnes of humor should indded visit our Fasching festivities. I’m glad, you did. I have been to many and also to the Carnival in Venice, quite a different experience.

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