One of the things I love when I go sightseeing in Europe are the architecture of the buildings. One of my favorite buildings  are the historical churches and cathedrals in this continent. I have been to many of these and I am always fascinated by its architecture especially the paintings, carvings and fresco  inside the churches and cathedrals I visited.
Exterior of Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, Germany. I was there twice.

One of the beautiful churches I visited in Europe is located in Germany, the Cologne Cathedral.  This site is considered to be one of the most visited landmark in Germany, considering around 20,000  tourists a day. No wonder when I was there twice, there are always a lot of  people. I believed I am lucky to visit it twice and might probably visit it again this spring time. A friend is inviting me to go there and I guess I will be the travel guide again. I always love showing places in Europe to friends and their families.

Germans call it the Kölner Dom, officially called as officially Hohe Domkirche St. Petrus and translated in English as High Cathedral of St. Peter.

IMG_0099Religious Statues at the entrance of the Cathedral. ©

Here are some facts and figures about the Cologne Cathedral.

  • It is the largest Gothich Church in Northern Europe.
  • It has the second-tallest spires and largest facade of any church in the world.
  • The choir has the largest height to width ratio, 3.6:1, of any medieval church.
  • The reliquary of the Three Kings is found inside the Cathedral.
  • In 1996, the cathedral was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List of culturally important sites.
  • Cologne Cathedral has two pipe organs by Klais Orgelbau, the Transept Organ built in 1948 and the Nave Organ built in 1998.
  • It is 144.5 metres (474 ft) long, 86.5 m (284 ft) wide and its towers are approximately 157 m (515 ft) tall.

IMG_0327Beautiful stained-glass window inside the Cologne Cathedral. ©

All these photos were taken during my second visit last August 2010.

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