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I can’t still believe that I visited the capital of Croatia lately.  Yes, I was in Zagreb and I am happy and contented to explore this city for some hours. We actually had a tourist guide during  our sightseeing. After that, we were given  more than one hour to explore it ourselves.  During my walk around the city, I landed in a beautiful park. There is a fountain in that park and I took some pictures of it. I also found more  water fountains for gardens while we were taking a tour around the city of Zagreb.

A fountain somewhere in Zagreb. It is not too far from the Ban Jelacic Square. You can also see a gazebo at the background.

The trees around this park are still not bearing leaves but the grasses on the ground are turning to  green already.

Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia is worth to see if you have the chance to visit  there.

It reminds me of home when I see coastal places like this. Yes Dubrovnik! I finally stepped on your beautiful soil! Well, not really soil because I walked on almost cemented ground in this beautiful coastal city. Dubrovnik is truly a lovely place. I cannot compare it with the many places and cities I visited in Europe and other continents in this world because it also has its own uniqueness and beauty.

That was quite a long trip yesterday from our hotel in Biograd going to Dubrovnik but it was all worth it. Considering the road condition, it is also not possible to drive faster because not all roads we drove through are not highways but back roads. I am still thankful because I experience this fantastic city in Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia. More travel experiences  when I  return home from my trip.  I have to say goodnight now.   I have to wake-up tomorrow for another day trip to Albania. I am quite excited! Take care everyone! Goodnight Europe and have a wonderful one to all!

View of the city of Dubrovnik near the bridge. This bridge looks like the Yokohama bridge in Japan. Taken last April 12, 2013 during our visit.
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Travelling is more than just boarding your flight, checking into your hotel, and exploring some of the attractions of your destination. It’s about allowing yourself the opportunity to get outside of your comfort zone, to have an open mind and to be flexible, so that you can experience something new and enriching.

Travelling is about throwing qualms, and sometimes caution, to the wind to turn your trip into an unforgettable adventure. No amount of money or planning can do that. While some planning does help, it’s more about your attitude and willingness to go with the flow. Read more… »

Hello everyone!  How it is going? I hope you had a wonderful celebration of Easter! I had a good one and was so  thankful about it.  The  past days was just quite busy for me both offline and online. I have a lot of things to do before I will hit the road again. This time, I will be visiting  some of the countries in the  Balkans.

Some of you might not be familiar  about   the Balkan countries. I was already asked by some of my friends where and what are the Balkan countries. It is often referred to as the Balkan Peninsula. It is also referred to the countries in “Southeast Europe”. If you have to look at the world map or Europe map, you will surely know where  it is. If not just google it for immediate results. Read more… »


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