It reminds me of home when I see coastal places like this. Yes Dubrovnik! I finally stepped on your beautiful soil! Well, not really soil because I walked on almost cemented ground in this beautiful coastal city. Dubrovnik is truly a lovely place. I cannot compare it with the many places and cities I visited in Europe and other continents in this world because it also has its own uniqueness and beauty.

That was quite a long trip yesterday from our hotel in Biograd going to Dubrovnik but it was all worth it. Considering the road condition, it is also not possible to drive faster because not all roads we drove through are not highways but back roads. I am still thankful because I experience this fantastic city in Adriatic Sea coast of Croatia. More travel experiences  when I  return home from my trip.  I have to say goodnight now.   I have to wake-up tomorrow for another day trip to Albania. I am quite excited! Take care everyone! Goodnight Europe and have a wonderful one to all!

View of the city of Dubrovnik near the bridge. This bridge looks like the Yokohama bridge in Japan. Taken last April 12, 2013 during our visit.

Placa Stradun, (Old town). The Stradun (Placa) is the central street of the city of Dubrovnik and is the place where the old city comes to life. During the day, explore the shades of the peripendicular streets and alleys on its sides, and during the night, take walks up and down the Stradun with an ice-cream in hand. The uniform Baroque architecture of the houses in Placa, with shops on the street level and their ‘knee-like’ entrances, got its present-day form in the restoration of the City taking place after the disastrous earthquake in 1667, when a large number of luxurious Gothic and Renaissance palaces had been destroyed. The architectural design of Placa reveals effective solutions and the business sense of the Dubrovnik Republic in those difficult times. Today, Placa is still the shopping centre and venue of major events.

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