I can’t still believe that I visited the capital of Croatia lately.  Yes, I was in Zagreb and I am happy and contented to explore this city for some hours. We actually had a tourist guide during  our sightseeing. After that, we were given  more than one hour to explore it ourselves.  During my walk around the city, I landed in a beautiful park. There is a fountain in that park and I took some pictures of it. I also found more  water fountains for gardens while we were taking a tour around the city of Zagreb.

A fountain somewhere in Zagreb. It is not too far from the Ban Jelacic Square. You can also see a gazebo at the background.

The trees around this park are still not bearing leaves but the grasses on the ground are turning to  green already.

Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia is worth to see if you have the chance to visit  there.

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