Hello everyone!  How it is going? I hope you had a wonderful celebration of Easter! I had a good one and was so  thankful about it.  The  past days was just quite busy for me both offline and online. I have a lot of things to do before I will hit the road again. This time, I will be visiting  some of the countries in the  Balkans.

Some of you might not be familiar  about   the Balkan countries. I was already asked by some of my friends where and what are the Balkan countries. It is often referred to as the Balkan Peninsula. It is also referred to the countries in “Southeast Europe”. If you have to look at the world map or Europe map, you will surely know where  it is. If not just google it for immediate results.

I just remembered my recent trip to Ireland when I heard our bus driver named Matus who was having a conversation with Jarmila, one of the passenger tourist who was with us. I heard them speaking somewhat like a Slavic language. I asked our bus driver what country he came from. He said, he is from Slovakia. I forgot to ask where did Jarmila originally came from but she currently lives in Berlin. Matus told me that during the dates I will visit the Balkans, it is cold there. I hope not so cold like in Germany at the moment.

Eight more sleeps and I will be hitting the roads again. It will be a 9-day trip and we will be visiting 4 countries in the Balkan Peninsula. It include Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania and Croatia. I am quite excited visiting these countries soon. It is also my first time to visit it. It will be bus trip and with that 9-day trip accommodation, food (breakfasts and dinners), sightseeing tours to different places to those countries and transportation are already included. I believed it is already a cheap trip for 599.00 Euros with everything in it.  I only paid 80.00 Euros extra for single-room charge.

Traveling is quite an expensive hobby but I believed “it is only one thing that you buy that will make you rich.” I am thankful  to God that I have the chance to visit and see some countries in Europe… and still counting.  I need to do a  travel inventory of the different countries I did  already visited in Europe.  I hope  so soon!

So, I am traveling again soon. I am also excited to meet people with different cultures, characters, beliefs  and attitudes. More updates to come when the trip is over!

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