Many dreams came true since I migrated in Europe. I believed I am a lucky jobless traveller. Imagine a jobless who keeps on travelling? There is a secret on that. One thing  you need to do is to be wise in spending your money. Just save and save and save money if you can and  you can surely visit places you dream to  go to.

The Spire of Dublin during my trip to Ireland last March 2013. Dublin is one of the many capital cities I visited in Europe.

Many women loves signature stuffs like LV, Gucci, Prada, Burberry..what else? If I have to count the money I spend in all my travels, I can probably afford to buy 30 or more LV bags. lolz! It’s not my priority at the moment but I better spend my money on travelling.

Travelling to over 20 countries in Europe and over 30 ccountries worldwide has been one of the greatest achievement in my life. When hubby retires in some year, we can probably travel together. This time, I need a hitch bike rack for our car. I was telling him that I want to drive around Europe with my car and maybe  go sightseeing  by riding a bike. This is just a dream but I am telling you guys, most of my dreams are coming true now.

I am glad to visit many lovely places and capital cities in Europe. One of these years, I will surely hit other continents. For now, I just want to explore the beauty of Europe! I love this  part of our amazing planet!

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