A friend who had a cruise in the Mediterranean last 2011 told me it was a great experience for her and to her whole family having a cruise in this part of the planet. One of the cities they visited was Dubrovnik, Croatia. Even before my friend told me about this city, it is already included in my places-to-see.

The Old Port of Dubrovnik, Croatia. You can see the walls of the city and one of  its gate in this photo.

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I just waited for the right time when I can find a cheap trip going to Croatia. I waited months and almost 2 years and finally, it did happened. Last January, I found this cheap trip to the Balkan Peninsula. One of the places included in that travel is Dubrovnik. I did not wait too long but immediately booked the trip before it will be totally sold-out. I was lucky because there are still some seats available. When I booked the trip, I was also asked if I will also buy a travel insurance for that holiday. I declined because I already browsed one at Down Under Insurance. If you are patient enough, sometimes, you can really find cheap travel insurance.  

CIMG2524Onofrio’s fountain,  located near the  Tourist Information Office.  All these photos were taken during my visit last April 2013.   © www.europetravelpad.com

We were only given two hours to explore Croatia on our own. After the bus driver dropped us in one of the gates of the Old Town of  Croatia, I  immediately went out of the bus so that I can maximize my time  for sightseeing.  2-hours is quite short especially if you are taking many pictures and do some souvenir shopping, but I was  able to see most of its sights.

I  tried to find first the tourist information office in Dubrovnik. It was perfect because it is only located  near the Onofrio’s Fountain, where I started my tour. After getting the map of Dudrovnik, I already started the fun.

I had a walk in Stradun, the famous main street and  pedestrian  of  Dubrovnik.  I enjoyed looking at the interesting buildings and sometimes I entered some shops to buy souvenirs. I continued my walk until I reach the Bell Tower.  From their I went to the Old Port of Dubrovnik,  where you can find boats, yacht  and some cruise ships are  also tendered there.

CIMG2535 The Stradun,  Dubrovnik’s main street. All these photos were taken during my visit last April 2013.   © www.europetravelpad.com

The Roland’s Column, the Sponza Palace, Rector’s Palace, Pile Gate, Placa Stradun, Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, are only some of the sights I experienced in Dubrovnik. This is  the story of my two hours stroll in this city.

I still want to go back there  to have a walk  around its wall and maybe spend some time on its beaches. Dubrovnik is indeed one of the most beautiful cities I visited in Europe. I am also letting you know,  the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the famous nickname of Dubrovnik, is  listed in  UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

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