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It is almost an hour now since I am browsing some photo albums in my external hard drive. I am looking for some photos I took in an Equestrian show in Berching, Germany some years ago. We  happened to pass this show while we were driving on the way  to Eichstätt, a town in Bavaria.


If you are planning  for a tour in Europe and  want  to travel to London or any areas  in UK, you’ll want to stay in a typically British hotel to really get the feel for British life, instead of a basic chain hotel. England is well known for its bed and breakfasts, which are usually small, cozy houses that only serve a handful of guests and offer them a home cooked breakfast.


Am I right with my title? I believed yes! Las Vegas is indeed the “Capital Entertainment of the World”. Ask anyone who happened to visit and experience this city. I was there twice and I know it for sure! Whatever form of entertainment you want, you can have everything in Vegas!

Cirque Du Soleil, a famous show in Las Vegas.  ©


The weather was perfect! I thought it was cold during our visit in St. Moritz lately but we were lucky because the weather was really friendly with sunshine the whole day. I packed with me umbrella and raincoat during that visit to this city.  I did not check the weather forecast  before our trip there. Besides, there is no free  WiFi in our hotel and it was quite expensive if you want one.  I guess 5.00 Euros per hour.  Unlike with the other Italian towns and cities I visited in the past,  6-hours of WiFi only cost 5.00 Euros and sometimes it is for free. I need to buy a  Web stick  soon so that I can have an internet connection  in most European Union countries. It is also not so expensive compared to internet charges at the hotels.

The UNESCO World Heritage RhB in St.Moritz, Switzerland during our visit last June 12, 2013. ©


With the weather we are having right now, I wish I am in Budva. This famous coastal tourist town in Montenegro is truly a worth to visit. I am  happy to stay for  four overnights in one of its famous hotels, the Avala Resorts and Villas. This hotel is located near the Old Town of Budva and just a few meters away from the beach.

A Church in Budva, Montenegro during my holiday last April 2013.


I can’t believed  I was able to visit the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. Yes, it is  in Ephesus located in today’s place called Selçuk in Izmir Province, Turkey. It was an ancient Greek city, and later a major Roman city, on the coast of Ionia. I can’t even believed that I stepped to where Jesus walked before in this area.   That was truly a memorable moment in my life visiting historical places like Ephesus.This historical  ruins is truly worth to visit when you plan to go to Turkey.

The great  Theater in Ephesus, Turkey. Taken during our 10-day trip in Turkey last 2011. ©



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