It is almost an hour now since I am browsing some photo albums in my external hard drive. I am looking for some photos I took in an Equestrian show in Berching, Germany some years ago. We  happened to pass this show while we were driving on the way  to Eichstätt, a town in Bavaria.

Since the horseback riding show was very interesting, we stopped by  for  almost an hour and watched  it.  There were these ladies who were wearing elegant womens breeches during the show. I know I took some photos of them but I still  have to find it.

Next month, we are also planning to watch a medieval celebration in Landshut called the Landshut Wedding. You can also  find horseback riding show in one of their  events.

There are a lot of festivals and events going on in Europe this summer. I hope I can experience some.

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