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It was over but I could still  remember the travel memories from the luxury cruise trip we did last spring time. I miss so many things from that holiday. I felt like I was vacationing in my home country because wherever I go in that part of the ship, I always see and talk to my fellowmen. It is amazing knowing that over 50% of the workers are Filipinos in that luxury ship.

The Aidabella cruise ship during our holiday in Scandinavia.©


One of the largest cities in Germany, Frankfurt is not only beautiful, but rich in history and culture. Its striking modern skyline is deceptive; the streets are actually full of elegant old buildings and places like Römer Square, which have barely changed in a century. It is also a tremendously cosmopolitan city, with almost half its population having been born abroad and this has contributed to its rich character and thriving arts scene.
The Römer in Frankfurt. Taken during my second visit last Nov. 2010. ©

Museums and galleries

There are a great many museums in Frankfurt, but exploring them is easier than might be expected, as no less than 20 of them are clustered together in the Museumsufer, on either side of the River Main. A festival is held to celebrate them each year, at the end of August, with live music, street performances and other cultural activities. The most significant of these museums is the Städel, which houses one of the greatest collections of art in Europe, with work by the likes of Rembrandt, Renoir, Monet and Picasso on display. The Modern Art Museum is also not to be missed; it has pieces by Gerhard Richter and Andy Warhol. Finally, there is an enormous and eclectic collection of marvels from around the world at the Senckenberg Museum.



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