There are so many amazing family holiday destinations to choose from these days, especially in the Mediterranean. How are you to know which one is best for your family however, if they’ve all got amazing beaches, great climates and exciting activities to experience? The island of Gran Canaria has been popular for many years with sun-seeking tourists, and for good reason.


It literally has everything a family would ever need when it comes to a vacation destination, including plenty of fantastic entertainment options for the kids! If you’re thinking of travelling to Gran Canaria this summer, let’s take a 48-hour tour of the best things to try out.


Parasailing is such an exciting and thrilling activity, and your children won’t forget a holiday in Gran Canaria in a hurry if they experience it too! One of the best things about being up so high above the ocean is the different perspective you get, and sometimes you can even see the countless numbers of fishes swimming just below the water.

There are a number of companies that offer parasailing in Gran Canaria, so prices are competitive. You’ll be picked up from one of the harbours by a speed boat, and taken out to see where you’ll be strapped into the parasail. Depending on your boat driver, they might even slow down and dip your feet into the sea a few times!

Canarias Day

The island of Gran Canaria is a very traditional place, and there’s no better way to experience the wealth of this tradition than to get involved in Canarias Day! Not only will you get to learn about local cuisine, from tasty foods to great wines, but you’ll be transported into a world full of traditional fabrics, dance, sports and many other activities. Canarias Day is a time of celebration, so make sure you get involved with all the festivities or you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

Tax Free Shopping

No matter where you go on holiday, trying out the shopping facilities is always a must – and thankfully, Gran Canaria has a lot to offer! One of the best things about shopping in Gran Canaria is that the shopping is pretty much tax free, meaning clothes and other good are a lot cheaper. From cotton clothes to beach wear, sandals to jewellery, you might even need to buy another suit case to fit it all in! You’ll find all the tax free shopping in the local plazas by the marina.

Party in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is certainly a partying island, especially at the weekends. Why not finish your holiday in Gran Canaria in amazing style, and get a boat over to Puerto Rico to experience the wonderful parties yourself! From bars, pubs and clubs to late night discos, beach fire-breathers and everything in between, partying in Puerto Rico is nothing like you’ve ever done before. There are lots of activities for children too, like animal quizzes on the beach, karaoke and fancy dress competitions.

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