It was the first luxury cruise trip I experienced. It did happened last spring of this year. I am thankful to my friend Jean for traveling with me. Without her, I cannot do it alone because I have to pay extra for my room. Imagine paying around 249.00 Euros if I travel alone? That is to much! I had fun with her during that luxury cruise.

The Theatrium in Aidabella where they perform free shows and entertainment.

One thing I love most is the free shows and entertainment they have in the ship. Every night there were different shows performed by many artists and performers. You can hear lp conga drums beating, guitars, pianos and other musical instruments being played.

Everything was almost perfect, the food, the entertainment, the people we met around especially the friendly ship workers. I am glad to know that most or over 50% of the workers are Filipinos.

There were also other games, sports, plays, bars, disco, restaurant, pool and other forms of entertainment during that luxury cruise we had in Aidabella. I would love to experience it again!

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