It is finally September! I heard over the news on televison last week that the first day of September is the beginning of the meteorological autumn in Northern hemisphere. Since I am currently located in this part of planet Earth, I have to accept the fact that autumn is finally here. If you are located in the Southern hemisphere, your meteorological spring also begins last 1st of September.

Back to the main topic.It was a long trip with the bus from Germany to Besancon, a city in Franche-Comté of France. It was actually a short sightseeing in this city before we proceeded to our first overnight in Lyon.ánconCIMG7922
Entrance Gate to the Citadel in Besancon.

“The Citadel, built by the famous architect Vauban in the 17th century is the major attraction in this town, comprising both a museum and a zoo-where lions, baboons and fish you can touch all provide a fantastic experience for the young and old alike. There is the opportunity to see impressive views of the countryside and the town on a walk around its fortifications. “

Since 2008, Besançon’s Vauban citadel has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The weather was not so friendly that time. The sky in Besancon was gray and in some minutes when we went out from the bus, the rain already started to  pour down. I am glad that I  always had with my my simple travel gadgets like  raincoat and umbrella, or else I cannot go  for sightseeing in this city.,France DSC_8012
View of the city of Besancon from the Citadel.

“Besançon is a well-preserved Renaissance city and the historic part, located in the “Boucle” of the river is simply breath-taking with the remains of what is perceived to have been a theatre in Castan Square-eight Roman Corinthian columns among the most ancient of the town’s attractions.”

It should be a 2-hour sightseeing in Besancon but due to time concern, we were only given an hour to walk around. I was quite disappointed with that but what can I do?? Most of the retired German people decided it. This is the disadvantage if you are traveling with the elderly. I guess, you know what I mean.

I did not hesitated to walk up to the castle. Since it is the famous sights in Besancon, I decided to go their first. Going up is quite tiresome, considering the rainy weather. I was happy because when I almost reach the top where the castle is located, the rain stopped to pour.

I would love to go inside the museum inside the castle but since  they are almost closing when we arrived there, there is no more chance to go. In fact, the ticket center  is about to close when I approached their window. I decided to walk a bit along the walls of the castle. I also took the chance to  have a view of the city of Besancon. It was wonderful and truly lovely!

I wish I have more time to explore the city but since  my time is limited, I must go back to the bus  to continue our trip to Lyon.  Our bus driver still have to drive around  3 hours to reach our hotel in Lyon.

That 8-days trip to 3 countries including France, Andorra and Spain was a memorable and wonderful one.  Besancon is  one of  the cities we visited!

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