I am back here again! I have such a busy life that I was not able to  post some updates here. Besides I just came back from a trip in Italy and still trying to regain some  lost energy from that trip. I am glad that I am here again to  give you an update.

The House of the Blackheads in the Old Town Square. The original building was erected during the first third of the 14th century for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild for unmarried German merchants in Riga.

Let’s go back to Riga this time.  Time flies so fast that it is over a year now since I visited Latvia’s capital city. It was autumn last 2012 and the weather was already cold in this pat of the  Baltic States.  I have been to many capital cities in Europe and I would say, Riga has its won beauty. No wonder it is also visited by  international tourists from around the globe.

It was our  third  day of sightseeing  during that trip in the Baltics.   During  our  second night, we stayed in  Maritim Hotel  Park Riga. I believed it is a 4-star hotel.  It is already included in that holiday package including  meals (breakfast and dinner), tour guides to different places,  transportation and accommodation.  It was quite a cheap holiday package considering that we visited some places in the Baltic States.

We also had a stop in St. John’s Church, knonw in Latvian as Svētā Jāņa Evaņģēliski luteriskā baznīca. It is a Lutheran church in Riga. It is a parish church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia. The church is built on the site of the palace of Bishop Albert of Riga (thirteenth century). In 1234 Dominican friars took responsibility for the original small chapel and dedicated it to St John the Baptist. It was extended around 1330, and continued as a Dominican chapel and parish church until 1523, and the Reformation.

After taking our breakfast, the bus have to leave at 8:30 AM to start the sightseeing tour in Riga.   Our tour guide showed us most of the sights in Riga including the Old Town and its Town Square where you can find the Statue of Roland, Town Hall, House of Blackheads, Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (but no time to go inside), St. Peter’s Church, St. John’s Church and other sights in this area.

We also walk around the city and saw Riga Cathedral, Riga Castle, The Three Brothers, Powder Tower & City Wall and other interesting sights in this city.

Since was autumn during our visit, our group was the only tourists going around the city. Not so many things was going on during our visit but a few people walking on the streets. The weather was cold and wet. The sky was crying and it was raining that day. I was still glad that I had the opportunity to walk around in  Riga, the city which is dubbed as   “Paris of the Baltics”.

Our time was very limited that day. I wish I can stay longer but we have to ride again the bus for our next trip to Vilnius, the capital city  of Lithuania.

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