Planning to visit Madrid in the future? Never ever miss going to Plaza del Sol! This is a great square in Madrid to experience and witness many things. This is one of my favorite squares in the city after Plaza Mayor.

The fountain in Plaza del Sol in Madrid, Spain. I am happy to  explore this city twice.

One thing I love in Plaza del Sol are the artists and performers scattering around. One time, when I decided to go there on late afternoon, I witnessed this group of musicians playing really good music. Most the songs they played were in Spanish language.

I was thinking if they are using an egnater tweaker at GC which is really a good music instrument. I stopped by for around 30 minutes watching  them  performed. There were a lot of people around them. Some were even giving  money. Well, since they are street performers, they also collect some donations. I  also dropped some coins in their hat collector.

I am actually trying to find the  pictures I took of them but can’t find it  at the moment.  I have to browse my external hard drives to find it. For now, I am sharing this  image which contain the fountain and the post office in Plaza del Sol.

It was indeed a challenging and very interesting  adventure I had in  Madrid.

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