Turkey has been one of the countries that is included in my bucketlist. I thought it was just a dream when I visited it but I was truly there! I can’t believed that this country has a lot of interesting sights to see including its history, culture, traditions, its people and all its historic monuments and buildings. There are simply a lot of things to experience in  Turkey!

Turkey-Pamukkale.DSC08164. © RB Photography
The hot springs and travertines in Pamukkale, Turkey. It is located in Turkey’s Inner Aegean region, in the River Menderes valley, which has a temperate climate for most of the year. These petrified waterfalls/travertine are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It was a 10-day vacation I had in Turkey two years ago. We visited many places and cities. Pamukkale is not actually included in our itinerary and I am thankful to our tour guide that we did a short photo stop in this sight.

I thought there is snow during that summer time in Pamukkale but it was not the case. It was not cold either. In fact, it was hot during our visit in September 2011. This travertine in Pamukkale really looks like snow but it is not.

According to our Turkish tour guide, Pamukkale which means “cotton castle” in Turkish. It is is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey.

I was only sad that time because the SD card in my canon camera was corrupt and all the good photographs where deleted.  On the other hand, I am thankful because I still have another digital camera with me and this is one of the images I took from that camera. Not bad at all and better than nothing. Since that time it happened, I see to it that I bring with my at least 3 cameras when I travel.

I believed one day, I  can come back and visit this place again. I would love  to walk over on this travertines. Wish me luck!

See you in my next update!

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