It was already my third time experiencing a cruise trip. I thought, I cannot do it staying or sleeping in a swimming hotel but I finally conquered  my fear on sea sickness. I just need a good cabin where it is located somewhere in the middle part of the ship and a cabin with window and I will be good for it. Most important of all, I need to be in condition  before and during the cruise trip.

A live band who performed during our recent trip in Baltic region including St. Petersburg, Russia. Sorry guys, this is not really a good shot as we were quite far from them and I left my good camera in our cabin.

Cruising can never be boring. There are a lot of show and entertainment at the ship. During the recent cruise trip I had with friends in the Baltics last summer this year, there were a lot of entertainments in the ship.

One night, as we went to the entertainment room of the ship, there was a live band playing really good music. We ended up sitting on one side of the bar and listened to them until they were done performing. I am thinking if they bought their rolling cart at musicians friend? I know they have one in which the use in carrying their music gadgets and instruments.

We boarded that time  one of the ships of St. Peter’s Line named Princess Anastacia. It was quite a huge ship  cruising in this part of Europe, in the Baltics. If  given the chance in the future, I wish to do more cruise trips. I am loving it!

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