This is one of the greatest historical pageants I experienced in Europe. The Landshuter Hochzeit or Landshut Wedding Festival is truly a must-to-see for every tourist. It is held every four years in Landshut in the state of Bavaria, Germany.

Germany.Landshut.534.© RB Photography
Musicians at the Landshut Wedding Festival during my first  visit there. I visited it again this year in July.

I always love witnessing historic happenings like this. I especially love watching the  participants with their colorful and interesting  medieval attires like what you see in this picture here.

They also have street performers scattering around the altstadt or old town but I never see anyone playing new abelton. Right folks? I only see some kind of guitars, these drums (like in the photo here) and some kinds of medieval music instruments.

The next celebration of this wedding reenactment of the between Hedwig, the Polish King’s daughter, and George, the son of the Duke of Landshut will be on 2017. You will also witness a lot of games, shows and entertainments in this lovely city.

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