I sometimes go to this town to visit some friends. Sometimes, I also tank my car here. The town of Velburg is located in the Oberpfalz or Upper Palatinate part in Bavaria, Germany.

The Town Hall of Velburg during a nice winter weather last week.

It is a historic town which origin goes back in 1153. One of the sights you can see in this town is the impressive is the historic town square with its Neo-Gothic-style town hall and the colorful houses.

There is also a castle ruin near the area and you can climb the Castle Hill which is 621  meters. From there, you can enjoy a very nice view around Velburg. There are also a lot of hills and mountains around the area. There are hiking trails and cycling paths which you can enjoy especially when the weather is nice.

When visiting Velburg, don’t miss going to the this amazing cave known as the “König-Otto-Stalactive cave”. I already visited it twice but sad to say, photographs are not allowed inside. It is considered to be one of the finest show caves in the Upper Palatinate Jura with up to 70 m high “halls”.

I guess that is all for now. Before I sign-off  tonight, I have to make it sure to visit some sites. I reviewed all the website builders last night because I am planning to build more sites in the coming weeks. I also need to renew one domain before the end of the week.

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