I haven’t been to the famous Fasching or carnivals in Germany like in Mainz, Cologne and Düsseldorf but I have been to some  Fasching parades in Bavaria.  This is one of the celebrations I love to witness in this region.

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One of the places where I experienced a Fasching or carnival parade is in Hemau. This is town in the district of Regensburg in Bavaria, Germany. Hemau is a historic town. The area around Hemau was settled in pre-Roman times. Of archeological interest are the remains of two Celtic settlements (Keltenschanzen) in the nearby villages of Laufenthal and Thonlohe.

Inspite being small town, the Faschingszug or carnival parade is very interesting in Hemau. I love watching the colorful costumes worn be the participants of the carnival. In fact, you can find different costumes from pirates to vampires, animal costumes, police, medical costumes and a lot more. There are also floats of all kinds. One thing I love are also the musicians who participate during the parade. Some might be using trumpets, cheap guitars, drums and cymbals and more. In fact, I love the live bands and street musicians in Germany. I love especially  how they play their musical instruments.

I can’t wait to witness again the fasching celebration this year. I believed carnivals parades will take place this March. Don’t miss these events if you are visiting Germany.

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