Beautiful Sky in Helsinki, Finland

After St. Petersburg, our destination the next day was Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It was our fifth day of cruising the Baltic Sea, called by Germans as Baltikum or Ostsee. The Baltic Sea is a mediterranean sea located between Central and Northern Europe.

The Promenade at South Harbor in Helsinki. You can find a lot of tourists in this are especially during summer season. There were also kiosks and stands selling different foods and products. Taken  during  our cruise last summer 2013.  

Helsinki was founded in 1550, the “Daughter of the Baltic” has been the Finnish capital since 1812, when it was rebuilt by the tsars of Russia along the lines of a miniature St. Petersburg.   

That morning we set our alarm at 5:30 so we can made ourselves ready the earliest possible time. We took our breakfast at around 6:30 AM. We went back to our cabin again to do some personal necessities including brushing our teeth and to get our camera bag. At around 7:30 AM, we already went out from our cabin to witness the arrival of our ship at the port of Helsinki.

It was indeed a perfect day for sightseeing. The weather was nice and friendly and the sky was so beautiful. Our ship arrived that day at around 8:00 in the morning. There were over two thousand passengers in that ship.  We boarded  Princess Anastacia,  one of the ships of  St.  Peter Lines. It was not really a luxury cruise compared to the one I experienced in Scandinavia during spring season last year. The most important thing, I was able to see and experience many cities in the Baltic States.

We had a tour guide  in Helsinki. I believed she showed us most of the sights but still, a day is just not enough to experience  everything in this beautiful city. I am hoping I can visit it again in the future.


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  1. inka Says:

    I always shied away from Scandinavia, too cold, even in summer, I thought, but I guess it´s time to change my misconception.


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