I am finally done packing my luggage. I am good to go. There are still so many things I wanted to finish at home but since I was busy with many things the past days especially garden works, I was not able to finish everything. I hope I can do it when I come back from my trip.

I am heading to Italy this time with a friend. She just called me this evening, saying that she is still not done packing her luggage because she is still at work. I know she can do it before we left in some hours for this trip.  One of the things I would like  to do is to have some photos develop from my travels especially in Europe. I am trying to check if eoncode.com web 2 print can help me with this. They have some sort of software for printing. I know, I can have some photos develop before my great travel will start next month. For now, I am slowly going to bed because I have to wake-up early at 2:00 AM to get ready for our trip.

I am good  to travel again this year! Cheers!

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