It seems that somebody is traveling again soon. This will be my first official  travel in 2014. I am not really an official but I am  just saying that this will be my first  long trip  for this year.  This was already booked  last year and it was  very cheap considering all the things that are included in this holiday.

With this coming travel, I am already researching the main sights to see or things to do  in these places that we will be visiting.

The Doumo or Florence Cathedral during my visit in autumn 2013. It is also known as the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.

We actually had a discount because we booked it earlier last November 2013. I received a travel flyer  saying that if we book it before November 11, we will have a discount of 200.00 Euros. This is really a great holiday package. 

I can remember  my sister who booked a hotel in Boracay, Philippines  and the stay alone in 3 night already cost almost  $500.00. The only thing that was only included are the  breakfast for three days.  Well, it is quite a luxury hotel but still, I won’t be paying for that expensive amount because I am a cheap traveler. lolz!

On the other hand, this trip in Italy only cost 298.00 Euros including the  7-nights accommodation,  bus  transportation  from Germany to Italy including return,  breakfast and dinner and trips to different places in Italy.

Included in the places to be visited are Venice, Florence, Assisi, Perugia, Santaarcangelo di Romagna and  the  microstate of San Marino.  The latter was also the reason why I  booked this trip.  I should not be going to Italy but since a friend who also loves to travel convinced me to g with her, then I finally decided to book it. Besides the price was also very cheap. Another reason is, someone can also take pictures of me. lolz!

I have been to Venice  many times but still I did not had enough of this city, so why not visit it again. This will also be my second time in Florence.  I am quite excited to  visit  it again.

I guess, this is all for now. I have to slowly sign-off since I am not really feeling well since yesterday. Goodnight from Europe!

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