Ascona is one of the places I visited in Switzerland in the past. It is a year now since my last visit. The weather that time was nice and sunny. I can still remember that day. Besides I have some photos I took during my visit there.

Taken during my visit last March 2013.

Ascona is located on the shore of Lake Maggiore. It is a municipality in the district of Locarno in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

I wish, I witness the Ascona Jazz Festival but when I go there it was not held yet. This annual Jazz Festival last for 10 days from late June to early July on the Swiss shores of Lake Maggiore.  I should be seeing live bands or musicians playing musical instruments like Morley. Hopefully in my next visit, I can already witness it.

The Jazz Ascona features more than 200 concerts and 300 artists, and specials events such as: gospel choirs, jam sessions, exhibits, conferences, and films. Considered one of the most important European Jazz Festivals, Jazz Ascona attracts enthusiasts from all over the globe.

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