Hello April! Hello everyone! The  second quarter  of the year is finally here. Today is the third day of April and it is such a wonderful day.  One of my favorite seasons of the year  is inevitable and it is finally here. Yes, it is spring and it has sprung!

While boarding Philippine Airlines last 2010 and the view of Cebu Island in the photo.

I am thankful for the many blessings especially for the good health and the opportunity to be in this  planet, seeing and exploring its beautiful places.  I am also happy to share that I finally received my flight confirmation for the greatest travel to happen this year.

This is already  a very late posting because I was so very busy last month especially for my  travel in Italy and San Marino. I should be posting it during the second week of March when I finally received the confirmation of my plane ticket to Asia. Since I was so busy with many things both online and offline, I was not able to do it.

The great travel is about to come.  It has been over four years  now since my last visit in Asia. In less than two weeks from now, my flight  will be commencing. I will be boarding for the second time Cathay Pacific. It was the same airline where I boarded almost  11 years ago when I first stepped in Europe.

I am very thankful and so excited to see my family and friends again. I will also be traveling to more places and countries in Asia.  It will be a 6-week holiday. Not really that much compared to my last visit in  Asia 4 years ago, which was a  3-month vacation.

I hope I can give you more updates when I will be on  vacation.  I will try my best to find time to update this blog. Thanks everyone and wishing you all a lovely  spring month of  April. See you soon Asia! See you soon Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia! Cheers and God bless!

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