Festivals all year round! These are some of the things I love in Germany. You can experience it in any seasons of the year. These so-called Volksfest or People’s Fair for example are very prevalent not only on summer season but also on spring and autumn or fall seasons. Imagine going to the world’s most famous and biggest festival, the Oktoberfest in Munich!

A beer tent in one of the Volksfest I attended in Bavaria, Germany. It is still not full when we went inside.

The one held in Stuttgart known as the Canstatter Volkfest is also a fabulous festival to visit. Although  this Volksfest is not strictly speaking a beer festival, it is considered by many to be the second largest beer celebration in the world after the Munich Oktoberfest.

I have been to many of the festivals in Europe especially in Germany. I love having fun and visiting such Volksfest or festivals will surely bring joy and entertainment. There, you can listen to live music perform by live bands. I know many of these musicians use apx500ii.  FYI: these are acoustic electric guitars which produces great sounds.  If you love carnival rides, taste local delicacies, experience the culture in Germany, maybe meet new friends or simply have fun,  going to  its Volksfest is one of   the best thing you can  experience  in this country.

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