I had a doctor’s appointment in Regensburg  last week. I have to wake-up early to catch the train, making it sure that I won’t be late. It was a cold winter morning. I still have to drive to the train station for around 15 minutes. I thought I will be late because the road was quite slippery and driving faster is quite not possible. I was thankful that I made it on time, bought my ticket and still have enough time to catch the train.

The interior of the Arcaden Mall in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany.

After my doctor’s appointment, I decided to stop-by at the mall. The Arcaden mall is just some minutes walk from my doctor’s clinic. Since it is almost lunch time, I decided to take a lunch first at the sushi bar in the mall.  I ordered a Bento Lachs which really taste so good. 

While waiting for my order, I was browsing smallflower.com for diptyque.  I was glad to find some personal  care  products in this online store. Thanks to the free WIFI at the mall, I can do some browsing in the internet.  After taking my lunch, I decided to go shopping.

Since winter is almost over (oh well  not really lolz!),  there are already a lot of shops who are offering some discounts especially for winter clothing and accessories. I know winter sale is  slowly starting  but the peak season for it is coming soon. I guess, at the end of  January, bigger sales and discounts will be offered.

I did not really stayed too long at the Arcaden Mall because I still need to run many errands that day. After buying some clothes, I decided to go catch the next train. It was so far a good day  despite the cold weather.

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