The sky was gray during that visit. It was winter and this is what you can expect during this season of the year. Regensburg is one of my favorite cities especially in the region of Bavaria, commonly known as Bayern in German. It is a beautiful city and its medieval centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I can’t exactly remember how many times did I already visited the place but when I have visitors from afar, I  always take them here.

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Regensburg, also known as Ratisbon in English is a historic city and it is considered as one of the oldest town of Germany. It was founded by the Romans in 179 A.D.

I was randomly browsing some photos in my albums tonight  and this is what I found. If you have to look at the image here, you can see the twin towers of the Cathedral of St. Peter on the left, the Stone Bridge on the far right, the Donau or  Danube River that flows along the city and the Museum’s Ship. Regensburg was ranked among the top sights and travel attractions in Germany (28th) by international tourists last 2014.

I feel so lucky living near the city. If I get bored, I just drive or take the train there and I can already enjoy its sights, go for dining, shopping in many of its shops and malls or simply walk around the city. Today, the city is considered to be one of the prosperous city in Germany.

Let me know if you happen to visit the city. If I am free, I might invite you for a coffee or beer..lolz!

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