Happy Easter! I hope you did had a wonderful and peaceful celebration of this season. As for me, it is quite okey. I visited some families during the weekend and last night, I was also invited for a dinner. I did not know that it was my friend’s husband’s birthday. It was quite a lovely evening seeing friends again. The weather was not really friendly because we are having a four-seasons weather since last week until today. Bu then, everything is fine!

I love these live performers in our hotel in Lisdoonvarna, Ireland. They are quite in the age but still, they performed great Irish folks songs that night. Cool performance indeed!

Let me share a bit about my travel in Ireland last 2013. One of the places we visited was in Lisdoonvarna. It is
a spa town  in County Clare in Ireland. The town is famous for its music and festivals. One of  its famous festivals is the so-called “Matchmaking festival” held every September.   I visited the place in winter 2013,  so sorry for me, I have not witness this celebration.

I am still very glad because I was able to witness live some Irish musicians. As you see in the photos here, these are the performers that night in the hotel where we stayed in. Did you see some braided cables as their musical instruments? Of course, they have it but not so visible in the image. I really enjoyed that night listening to their live performance. It was the first time I witnessed such   live performances wherein  Irish folk songs  were being played. I had a wonderful time while sipping my glass of Guinness.

I hope the next time I visit  Lisdoonvarna is during its  matchmaking festival. This event is held in the town attracting upwards of 40,000 romantic hopefuls, bachelor farmers and accompanying revellers. The month-long event is an important tourist attraction. The current matchmaker is Willie Daly, a fourth-generation matchmaker.

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