Summer time is almost here! I am so glad that the weather is getting friendlier the past days. No more sub-zero temperature in our area and most of the times, I can already wear t’shirts outside  whether  I go for  walk or  do some gardening.  I simply love spring and summer  too!

Participants and musicians during the parade  at the  Samba Festival in Coburg during our visit last year.

Summer time also means festival time especially in Germany. If you happen to witness the Samba festival in Coburg, you will surely have fun. This Bavarian city is referred to as “Europe’s Capital of Samba.” In 2014, the Festival was pleased to be awarded the title “Best Samba event outside Brazil”, from the Edison Carneiro Prize.

The Samba festival in Coburg is held every year on the second weekend of July. It is said to attract around 200,000 visitors which give the town an additional 4.5 million euros income that  benefits the hotels, restaurants, stands and other businesses.

I was really entertained during our visit last year. I believed the highlight of the festival is the street parade around the city center. You can see colorful costumes of the Sambistas and participants from different countries including Brazil. You can hear the beat of the drums, trumpets, violins, music and live bands during the parade. I believed some of these musicians and entertainers use SKB Cases to transport their musical equipments. It is a good protection for their gadgets.

Inspite the rainy weather during our visit last year, me  and my friend still had so much fun. We  took the train when we went there.  From the train statione, we walked around  15 minutes to reach the city center. Just remember that there is an entrance fee  in going to the festival area especially where the live shows and performances takes place.

One of these days, I should visit Rio de Janiero for  its  Samba festival. Crossing my fingers for it!

If you happened to visit Bavaria in July, don’t miss Coburg in your list particularly if you love to party and have fun! Cheers!

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