Proposing is a magical moment for you and your partner. You are showing them how much you love them. And that you are ready to spend the rest of your life with them. When you decide you are ready to propose to your partner, you need to decide where and when to do it. It’s great to make it a unique experience that you both won’t forget. Here are five exciting proposal ideas that will make your partner so happy.

At her Birthday Party

This one is definitely great if she loves to be surrounded by a lot of people. You can arrange a party for her birthday and invite all of her friends and family. You could let them in on the secret. It means they could all release a balloon or a party popper once she says yes. Or you can keep them in the dark and then they will be in for a big surprise too. You could hold the party at a venue rather than at your home. If this happens, you could ask the bartender or waiter to bring out a bottle of champagne after the proposal. A party is not the most intimate way to surprise her, but if she is close to her family and friends, she will love it.

On A Helicopter Ride

A helicopter ride would be a great place to propose to your loved one. You can buy tickets here for rides across the country. You could choose to fly over somewhere very meaningful for her. It’s a very intimate experience as you will be flying high together, and then you can ask that important question.

In a Photo Booth

This is a very good idea as it’s so unique. A photo booth means that the moment you propose will be captured. It’s a great way to remember her reaction forever. People will be asking you for ages how you did it, and this way you can show them how it happened. It’s also very common now at weddings to have a photobooth. Therefore, you could do it there, and the bride and groom have an extra special reason to remember the day.

On a Romantic holiday

An exciting way of proposing is on a romantic holiday with your partner. Find out about the hotel and good places where you could do it before you go. Spend a couple of days of your holiday also looking round the area. There will be somewhere unique where you can ask that important question, such as this beautiful fountain in Poland. You could go for traditional favourite the Eiffel Tower in France. And a lot of people are proposing at Disneyland, as it is the place of ‘Happy Ever Afters’!


A new fascinating way of proposing is underwater. It will be perfect for fans of the sea. It can be done while scuba diving which is unique. You could get the instructor to take photos for you. You could also propose underwater at a swimming pool. Make sure to put the ring somewhere safe!

Any of the above ideas would give her an excellent proposal that she will not forget in a hurry.


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