Hello April! Hello spring season! I have to admit  spring  is one of my favorite times  of the year. When the weather gets nice and the first spring flowers started to blossom in my backyard, aren’t these fantastic? Yes, there are indeed some flowers  that are growing in the  garden right now. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and more are currently blooming!

This is also the sign that the spring festival is slowly starting in many parts of the world  especially in Europe.  There is a spring festivals going on in some cities in our area.  I can’t wait to visit such festivities so soon. It has been a long time since I was not there.  This is the fault of my full time job that keeps me busy. lol!

Some things I love in going to such festivals are tasting the local delicacies, experience carnival rides and most of all listening to live performances on stage like the live bands with its singers and dancers. I already experience a lot of these in the past and I love watching those musicians playing music instruments of any kinds.  Guitars, drums, trumpets, clarinet and what else folks? If anyone out there who is looking for clarinet accessories, I hope you know where to go to find such music gadgets. If not just google Musicians Friend? How about that?

Cheers folks! I might see you in one of the spring festivals in Europe!

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