For some fun and entertainment, it is a must to go out with family and friends going to a festival like the one we are having in the area right now. Today is Friday so after work, I have to go grocery shopping and ran some errands. I also went to the doctor and after everything were finished, I decided to drive back home. In one of the grocery stores where I always go for shopping, I met a friend who invited me to go with her in the “volksfest”, a German word for people’s fair or festival.

I really wanted to go but I was so exhausted so I just stayed at home and finished some stuffs that need to be done. I miss the fun tonight and most especially I missed the live band that are playing on stage. I love the way that these musicians are playing great music and the sounds they produce from their musical instruments are simply awesome. I was thinking if any of these guitarists is using a fender stratocaster made in mexico.  Listening to their music can be fun and entertaining. I hope this weekend, I can visit the festival with friends. I need to go out  unwind and have fun sometime. How about you?  Enjoy the last days of the month!

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