It is time to be backed here and give you a little update! How are you doing folks? Are you currently having the time of your life? I hope so. I can’t complain at the moment but I just wish that I am in the other side of the world right now. If traveling is only for free, I will surely visit every corner of this beautiful planet.


Let’s go back to the main topic. I am already missing a lot of fun this summer. Since I work full time, I don’t have so much time anymore to enjoy the festivals going around in Europe especially here in Germany. At the moment, some fairs are going on in the nearby towns and cities.

I hope this weekend, I will have time to visit a Volksfest or festival in Neumarkt. I already miss  gallivanting around the beer tents while listening to the  different live bands playing every now and then especially with their gibson acoustic guitar. I love listening to the beat of the drums,  the strumming of guitars and violins, blow of trumpets and other instruments. I also love tasting different local delicacies and enjoying the carnival rides.

Anyone who is up with me to visit a German festival?

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